Can you lead your crew mates to victory or outsmart the impostors?

Play with 5 to 10 friends locally or online with people around the world. Jump into a custom build scenario with one or two impostors, If you are the impostor will you be able to eliminate the crew members before they find you or will they complete the tasks before you can get rid of them all. Among us is free to play and ready to download for Android.

After you selected what type of map you want to play in be it locally or online you gather with other players where you can customize your character and see whom you are going to play with. Once the match starts the game randomly decided who will be the one or two impostors depending on the amount of players that joined.

If you aren’t the the impostor you won’t know who it is and will have to complete the given tasks with your crew mates as fast as possible before the impostors kills your crew.

If you are the impostor you get fake tasks to complete for an alibi but you have to try and single out crew members by sabotaging their work and get rid of them, be careful if someone sees you and you have a kill cool down they can call an emergency meeting to vote you off. If a body is found and it can be reported to also see who the impostor is and vote them off. Lie and manipulate the debate to make sure a crew member gets the blame making your victory even easier.

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