Ho ho ho Christmas is here early with our top10 list of free games for everyone

Going gifts is one of the best feelings, so we made a list of free games for everyone to download and enjoy. Looking back at the years events and games released we hope to end this years top 10 list with a bang.

#10 Shadow Fight Arena

Shadow Fight Arena it is a fighting game that is actually very pretty and real time fighting against other players if I had to characterize it I would call kind of dialed back Mortal Kombat and that’s not necessarily a bad thing either because it’s not like the thing that makes Mortal Kombat good is the gore there’s obviously a lot less gore in this title and still honestly I feel kind of nails that kind of fighter it’s also got nice clean graphics I have never lost my place inside sometimes in fighting games the backgrounds get kind of busy and you don’t know what’s going on not a problem in this game ever even a little and honestly I think it’s got enough of a unique look that it feels like I’m not just doing the same thing as some other game in some new games. It’s very pretty got good lighting effects got a style that is actually all of its own doing it would be recognizable for me after playing it for a while and just really good fighting this is what you want out of a fighting game.

Shadow Fight Arena is our #10 spot for the best free android game of December
Price: Free to Download

#09 Star Wars™: Starfighter Missions

Star Wars star fighter missions which has you leading a squadron of 3 different ships it plays a lot like an old school top down scrolling shooter however you get to swap out various different ships it’s a mechanic that works really well and this is a game that I think works pretty well honestly I would like to see more adaptions of older genres where they actually do develop the type of game it is you don’t really see a lot of that now when this genre is scraped on a little it’s more for nostalgia purposes but I think this is a fantastic game it manages just to retain the conventions of the genre while actively progressing and also adapted to Star Wars in a very enjoyable and pleasing way

Star Wars Starfighter Missions is our #09 spot for the best free android game of December
Price: Free to Download

#08 Goddess of Genesis S

Goddess of Genesis S. this is kind of an interesting game it’s a 3 D. J. RPG type game it’s pretty high energy in terms of battles like obviously you’re still doing J. RPG stuff, but they do a good job of making it very visually interesting and it’s fun because your character is well they’re like Little Red Riding Hood and elusive fire like their various famous characters from lots of different stories in areas of mythology and when they do this kind of game a lot of time the characters look silly or don’t go together this is a game where they really manage to sort of unify it really has a style and it doesn’t feel weird I mean to be fair these characters not like monsters or anything there embodied in various humans but it works well also the battles are particularly enjoyable I have to say there’s also online 5 versus 5 tools where you build a team and fight other people it’s really fun it’s put together really well and all in all I think the whole goddess of genesis as packages pretty darn good it gives you a just a little more than you expect out of it and that’s exactly why we would want to talk about it online stuff is really fun to check out

 Goddess of Genesis 3 is our #08 spot for the best free android game of December
Price: Free to Download


A3 Still Alive which is basically an open world MMORPG that has lots of enjoyable modes including a really good battle royale mode but also the normal trappings of MMORG’s including PvP. honestly I’m shocked that there’s not more MMORPG style battle royales after playing this. I realize that it is something that works really well and Netmarble did a good job with this. A3 Still Alive is out on android right now give it a shot

A3 Still Alive is our #07 spot for the best free android game of December
Price: Free to Download

#06 Warpath

Warpath a World War 2 strategy game that I think just really hits well like I don’t personally think that it’s the most original concept we’re ever going to see however show me a good World War 2 strategy game that well it is something that is no welcome and I don’t know what’s up and why you wouldn’t want me to mean if it was bad but it’s not bad it’s also alternate histories, so we do have an element of surprise and some little variance in things however they are pretty historically accurate as far as the units that you’re fighting with they also have heroes mechanical officers which basically bring various special skills into the battlefield it’s definitely a good game I like the visuals it’s kind of retro and it definitely keeps my attention

Warpath is our #06 spot for the best free android game of December
Price: Free to Download

#05 UNO!

There is quite a selection of different game modes to play in for example classic versus wild. Classic mode is the old school original UNO rules and Wild is the more home brew more familiar rules that probably most of us are more familiar to play with. Sending a plus two on another plus two cards to an unlucky person next to you is some of the wild cards rules that makes it a bit more fun and dangerous, in classic if you get a plus two or plus four you have to take the hit there is no getting out of it by placing another one on top. Making a group to play with friends or a few people around you but you don’t have the cards it is easy and quick, or play against other players around the world to gain rank points.

UNO is our #05 spot for the best free android game of December
Price: Free to Download

#04 Tennis Clash

Jumping into the sports genre, you don’t see a lot of good tennis games but this one is quick and easy to start and is fun. Choose a character between a good variety of premade characters and start wacking away at the tennis ball. Play 1v1, one versus one online matches or multi players with or against friends. Challenge other players around the world for rank points and to see who can climb the ladder the fastest, or for solo gameplay and a bit of a change of pace try the world tour. World tour takes you to different locations around the world with tennis courts int that area like Sandy, Tokyo, Rio

Tennis Clash is our #04 spot for the best free android game of December
Price: Free to Download

#03 The Wild Darkness

An Adventure Rogue like with a deceptive friend;y art style, The game is one of our favorite rogue likes, its difficulty curve and rewards are well-balanced. Starting the game your character wakes in a unknown forest and you dont have any supplies but you have to survive. Foraging for food, hunting and fishing to get supplies will get you going. Upgrade equipment and go on adventures, build a shelter to be safe at night when monsters come out and have a safe spot just or relax. When you die and you will because thats how you learn what to do next time against traps or enemies, you take some of the experience with you so each start gets a stronger snowball effect.

The Wild Darkness is our #03 spot for the best free android game of December
Price: Free to Download

#02 Merge Duck

Just as the name implies you merge ducks in the game, but thats not all. Form a duck squad as they would like to say it and fight against the evils of the duck world in duck warfare. Breed ducks, fuse them and evolve them. The game has a good sense of humor and is great for when you want to play something just to sit back and relax. Build a duck squad of ducks that compliment each other in battle, one maybe to focus on defense and or support and the others to dish out damage.The game can run in the background collecting resources so when you pop in upgrades are easily done with no excessive grinding.

Merge Ducks is our #02 spot for the best free android game of December
Price: Free to Download

#01 Tricky Castle

The knight has to escape the castle full of dangerous traps, puzzles and riddles to solve in order to save the princess. A light-hearted 2D platformer with logic based puzzles and riddles. Each room you enter has its own unique puzzle to solve be it flipping switchers and levers or looking for a key to open the door to the next room. There is a touch of humor added to the game during the play through that just adds to ts charm.

Tricky Castle is our #01 spot for the best free android game of December
Price: Free to Download

Wrapping the last present

As the year of 2020 comes to an end, and what a year it has been indeed, we here at BAG would like to say we wish you the best for 2021. The top 10 free android games ready to download we listed might change as new games are added to the Google Play store or if we discover something new. We hope that this list gave you something new to play

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